Future of the TV Market – Finecast webinars

Apr 16, 2020

We’ve had a lot of inbound interest on our view of the changing TV landscape in the current climate with COVID-19 and how that has impacted TV viewing behaviours.

We have collated some of this information and we are running a number of short 30 minute online sessions aimed at providing information, context and actionable insights. 

We’ve run six webinars in the series so far. Click on the titles below to access the recordings and slides.

We have some more exciting sessions up our sleeve but please write to us with any feedback and ideas on what you would like to hear more about. 

Introduction to Addressable TV and Finecast
If you are a client interested in the Addressable TV market and how it can help your business, or a member of an agency who want to learn how they can help educate their clients in this space, this is a great starting point for you! If you haven’t had the chance to sit in on a Finecast Induction session this will cover:

  • How the TV market is shifting towards being more Addressable
  • How we utilise data
  • Pricing
  • Measurement effectiveness opportunities tailored to your KPIs

Brands and the “New Normal”: How to maintain communication and salience
This session covers:

  • What impact has the outbreak of COVID had on TV viewing
  • Should brands communicate with their customers and how
  • How can Finecast support brands in these challenging times

Audience Approach: How to make the most of advanced targeting capabilities
This session covers:

  • How granular Finecast’s audiences can be
  • How Finecast activates audiences
  • How to take advantage of Finecast’s targeting opportunities

New to TV: How and why brands should be on TV
For advertisers looking to join the ranks of the biggest household names, Finecast present an introduction to TV and how brands have used Addressable TV to achieve this. This session covers:

  • The TV landscape in 2020
  • Understanding the benefits of TV from Branding to Response
  • How Finecast can support getting your brand on TV

Total TV: A holistic view of TV measurement
Finecast in collaboration with AudienceProject have been developing a reach and frequency solution to enable clients, for the first time, be able to have one holistic view of TV – we are calling this “Total TV”. Join the session to learn about:

  • How do linear TV and non-linear complement each other in today’s world
  • What Finecast have done to help in this space
  • Finecast & TechEdge solution – beta test phase

Auto Sector and ADTV: Trends, Use Cases, Case Studies
This session covers:

  • The automotive industry pre-COVID and now 
  • Changing consumer behaviour and predictions for post lock down
  • How ADTV can help you access your audiences now and and then 

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