Privacy Notice

“Finecast Limited,” “we”, “us” or “our” provides services to help advertisers and agencies (our “Clients”) reach the audiences they want to find on TV and other video distribution platforms, including set top boxes, Smart TVs, out of home advertising screens, connected devices, computers, game consoles and mobile devices (“Addressable TV Platforms”). We work with broadcasters, pay TV companies, and content providers that stream or broadcast video through applications, via on-demand libraries, TV channels or websites (“Video Distributors”) to analyze their audiences, and using licensed third-party data from data aggregators and others (“Data Partners”), we group audience members by certain demographic and other attributes that suggest they will find particular marketing messages interesting and relevant.

This Privacy Policy describes how we access and process information about audience members (“Viewers”) in partnership with our advertising technology service providers (“Service Providers”) and other entities, including Data Partners and Video Distributors.

1. Our Products and Services

Traditional TV historically offered one programming schedule and the same set of advertising breaks to every TV in every home. Audience members could be grouped or targeted only by using inferences about which demographic and economic groups were likely to watch particular content.

We use new ways of delivering video through Addressable TV Platforms, and new forms of video delivery, including on-demand streaming and downloaded content, to tailor the delivery of advertising to the audiences who will find it most relevant (“Addressable TV Advertising”).

2. What information is received by us or on our behalf?

We do not collect any personal data from individual Viewers to perform its services. Instead, we engage with Clients, Data Partners and Service Providers who collect data directly from Viewers and consumers, which is then used to build audiences as part of the Addressable TV Advertising process. We rely on Service Providers to help us deliver and target advertising to the audiences we identify on behalf of our Clients, in accordance with our instructions.  We require all Clients, Data Partners, Video Distributors and other organizations that collect or process data used in connection with the Addressable TV Advertising process that we are involved in, to have a lawful basis for processing data, whether under a legitimate interest or by obtaining consent where required from data subjects, including Viewers. An example of a legitimate interest is a commercial public service broadcaster that provides its programming services for free is funded by the sale of advertising. They and any trusted third parties used by them, consequently have a legitimate interest in using information about its users to show such users adverts that they think such users will be interested in. For example, if you live in Leeds then you may be more likely to see an ad for an event in Yorkshire – and less likely to see an ad for an event in London.

We receive aggregate information about advertising campaign performance from our Service Providers so that we can analyze the effectiveness of advertisements and report back to our Clients. This campaign reporting information includes information about when an ad is delivered, whether it is viewed, and how many unique devices viewed the ad.  We do not receive information about individual devices or Viewers, nor do we receive or build profiles of the viewing activities of any one device, household or individual.  Our Service Providers disclose their data use and collection practices in their own privacy policies.

In addition, we may receive or facilitate the transfer of our Clients’ data about their customers or potential customers to our Service Providers, or to Data Partners that can help add insights or attributes to customer lists.  Alternatively, our Clients may transfer this information to a third party Data Partner to do a “blind match” with other generally available demographic or other information, for the purpose of licensing or receiving additional data about their customers. This enriched data helps our Clients develop a better picture of the customers’ attributes and possible interests (for example, age, gender, income range, home ownership, demonstrated interest in purchasing an automobile), in order to present them with more relevant advertising.

We may also facilitate the transfer of lists of subscribers or customers from Addressable TV Platforms to Data Partners and Service Providers, so that Data Partners can add similar attributes to these subscriber lists.  This helps us and our Service Providers create audience categories of Viewers who may be interested in and receptive to the advertising messages of our Clients.

3. How Information about Viewers is Used.

We direct our Service Providers, Data Partners and Video Distributors to use the information they process to execute ad campaigns, provide data for analysis and reporting to our Clients, transfer data about attributes of Viewers to devices such as set-top boxes so that they can be recognized and targeted as part of Addressable TV Advertising campaigns.

Our Service Providers may use IP addresses and/or information from Data Partners and Video Distributors to determine postcodes or the general location of a device. We may even receive full postcodes from Video Distributors and Service Providers. This may allow them, and us, to identify particular geographic areas with relatively high concentrations of Viewers with certain attributes whom our Clients wish to reach.  We may then direct Addressable TV Advertising campaigns to target those geographic areas, sometimes as small as a postcode, or household level to help our Clients reach the best audiences for their advertising messages.

Our Data Partners may receive information about the general types of video viewed by a connected or mobile device or Smart TV, and Video Distributors may receive similar information from set-top boxes.  This may also enable us to direct Addressable Advertising to certain interest groups, for example those interested in sport or cooking.

We may also analyze the rate at which Viewers in specific audience segments or geographic areas are exposed to certain advertisements, and compare those to the rate of purchase of the advertised products and services for the same geographic areas or audience segments.  This allows us to help Clients better understand which ad campaigns are most effective.

4. Viewer Choices

Finecast itself has no direct relationship with Viewers, and therefore does not itself offer Viewers any choices about processing their personal data. We rely on Service Providers, Clients, Data Partners and Video Distributors to have a lawful basis for processing activities that we depend upon to perform our services.

To learn about choices offered by many third party online advertising companies, including some of our Service Providers and Data Partners, you may wish to view the websites of several advertising self-regulatory organisations:

In Europe, the IAB GDPR Transparency & Consent Framework:

and the Interactive European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA)

For companies with U.S. operations or which are based in the U.S, the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) and the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA):

(DAA AppChoices) –

While these self-regulatory organizations do not generally represent that they cover Addressable TV Advertising, you may opt out of their members’ use of personal data they collect for interest based Addressable TV Advertising to the extent seen online or on mobile devices.

5. website

We also receive personal data, such as email addresses, from representatives of businesses that wish to inquire about using our products and services.  We use this personal data only to respond to inquiries, provide the requested services, or provide information about additional products and services we offer.

Whenever you visit or interact with our Website, we, as well as any third-party service providers, may use a variety of technologies, such as “cookies” or “clear GIFs” that automatically or passively collect information about how the Website is accessed and used (“Usage Information“). Usage Information may include, in part, browser type, operating system, the page served, the time, and the preceding page views. This statistical data provides us with information about the use of the Sites, such as how many visitors visit a specific page on the Sites, how long they stay on that page, and which hyperlinks, if any, they “click” on.

We or our service providers may also automatically collect your server’s Internet address or device identifier when you visit us.  This information, known as an Internet Protocol address, or IP Address, or device identifier is a number that’s automatically assigned to your computer or device by your Internet service provider whenever you are on the Internet.

6. Children

Our services are not intended to be provided to or about children, and we do not process, nor do we ask any businesses we work with to process, any personal data of children.  We do not target Addressable TV Advertising to children.

7. Data security

We follow general industry standards for protecting data we process.  We use reasonable safeguards, and take all reasonable precautions, including appropriate technical and organizational measures, to protect any personal data in our care, and to prevent unauthorized access to, disclosure of, or misuse of such personal data.  We require companies that process data at our direction to do the same.  However, no security measures are infallible, so we cannot guarantee that personal data will never be inappropriately accessed, disclosed or misused.

8. Changes to This Privacy Policy

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time, and if we do we will post those changes here and archive any older versions of this Privacy Policy.  Please check this location periodically to make sure you understand and agree with our current policies.

9. Data Access

If you believe we process any personal data about you, and you wish to review or modify it, or request that we delete it, please contact our Privacy Officer at the address provided below.

10. Contacting Finecast

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or our processing of any personal data, you may contact us at:  Privacy Officer, Finecast Limited, 26 Red Lion Square, London, WC1R 4HQ, London or via email at